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Workers Compensation Settlements: Should You Settle?

If you are going through a workers compensation claim, you might wonder whether you should accept a Structured Settlement offer. After all, the dollar amount of the settlement can seem very attractive. Before you chose a Structured Settlement offer though, it is important to consider all of the factors.


Under Washington state law, not all workers are eligible for a structured settlement. To qualify, you  must currently be aged 53 or above, and your approved claim must be at least 180 days old. If you do not meet these criteria, you cannot settle your workers compensation claim. Continue reading

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Workers Comp Claim Denied: Now What?

If your workers comp claim was denied, you probably feel afraid, confused, and even despondent. After all, if you were hurt at work, you deserve to be properly compensated. You might wonder how you are going to pay your medical bills and cope with the loss of income. You might even feel personally betrayed by a company to whom you gave your all. Unfortunately, denials are relatively common. However, continuing to follow through with the process can help you ultimately receive the outcome that you deserve.

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Do I Qualify for Workers Comp?

Workers compensation insurance, also known as workers comp, is designed to compensate employees for injuries or illnesses sustained as a direct result of their employment. In practice, determining whether or not you are eligible can be complicated. There are special rules that apply to certain types of employers and workers, and you must be able to prove that your illness or injury was work-related. Here are the three major factors involved.

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